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inner power
Inner powers of the Mind & Success

Duration : 3 Hours

Target Audience : Professionals and Students

Whatever a human being can conceive & believe, it can be achieved. Failure is due to mental unrest & mental unrest is produced by Dis-empowering beliefs

Purpose : To explore the mind faculties to get the results as per desire in the professional & academic life
Goals Setting & Extraordinary Achievements
Goals Setting & Extraordinary Achievements

Target Audience : Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Executives, Managers, Professionals, Corporate & Industries etc

Every physical achievement in the world comes from within. Size of success depends on the goals set up by you

Purpose : To enhance working capacities, achieve targets as per expectations, be an extra ordinary achiever, result oriented entrepreneurs, successful selling & production executives etc
Life is happy if you make it happy
Life is Happy if You Make it Happy

Target Audience : people from all the spheres of life

The easiest thing in the world to achieve is “Happiness” One day work shop

Purpose : Human beings can live the life happy, healthy, and successful. Most of the disorders in the human body & mind erupt due to their negative & toxic thought patterns
for elderly people
For Elderly People

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose : Scientists say that the possible life cycle of a human body is 125 years but a human being discounts & accept it. Disorders start falling in the mind & then body. 90 % of the disorders are directed by your negative thoughts. Purpose less life is a signal that this life is being shut down.
Life Management

Duration : 1 day (9 AM to 5 PM)

Purpose : it's for CEOs, organizers, leaders, educators, managers, house makers & others .If you want to learn different fields of the worldly management. Firstly, you have to understand the life management. To understand the mind, sub conscious mind and super conscious mind, you have to understand laws of the universe
Married Life (a challenge now a days)

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose : To make the married life successful, especially for youngsters going to marry or just married.
Positive Caring (care our elders & children )

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose : For parents to handle children and elders, professionals who are nursing patients & physically challenged people
Addictions & Our Life

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose : For youngsters: How to make the life free from these clutches?
Conflicts in Life

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose : For all: Must cure this root cause of 90 percent diseases in our body
The Challenge

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose : For progressing people: How to face any challenge successfully?
Be Positive & See Positive

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose :For physical fitness & enhancement of energies – understand Capsules of success & heal faster
Personal, public & professional relations
Personal, Public & Professional Relations

Duration : 3 Hours

Purpose : To improve relations. For families, couples, industries, HR people, managers, leaders, organizers, professionals
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